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There can’t be an heir to Messi, but if someone was ever spoken in 1/10th of that same light, then you got to have Paulo Dybala on your mind. Starting out at Argentine club Instituto, Dybala turned heads in his homeland where he was nicknamed “La Joya” – The Jewel as he was performing that well. This eventually led to a move in Italy, where it was easy for him to get a passport due to his Italian roots.

Palermo it was for Dybala, as he turned into a man as he learnt a lot of things about the rigors of European football. It was possible for him to establish himself as a Trequartista or an Enganche(Second striker/playmaker) due to his size and low center of gravity which enables him to run through defences and score goals, mainly from distance.

From Sicily he moved to Turin, where Juventus signed him up for 32 million pounds as he took up the No. 21 jersey which was previously owned by and is an ode to the legendary Andrea Pirlo. So that tells you about how much faith Juventus have put in him. He hasn’t let them down as he’s fared exceedingly well and made a name for himself at the club.

Along with forming a deadly combination along with compatriot Gonzalo Higuain, he can also play on the right wing as he likes to cut in from the left and shoot at sight from distance, which has become his USP off-late as he’s shown in many of Juve’s big games. His move to Juventus also lead to him being called up to the Argentina National Team which enabled him to move from strength to strength.

It’s being said that his international progress is being blocked by Lionel Messi’s presence in the team, as they are similar kind of players who tend to occupy the same position, but legendary footballers have said that it could be a possibility, especially with the upcoming 2018 World Cup being a hamster in the wheel opportunity for the coach to check them out.

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