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Watch: John Cena challenges The Undertaker to a dream match at Wrestlemania 34

After months of rumors, it might finally be happening! With only a few weeks to go for the 'Showcase of Immortals', WWE has finally picked up the pace in building up in what would be one of the biggest matches in the history of pro-wrestling, The Undertaker vs John Cena. WWE has perfectly built up the storyline so far, with John Cena constantly losing big matches, leaving him without an opponent at Wrestlemania. The Franchise player of the WWE got so frustrated that he cut a fiery promo on Monday Night Raw, first implying that he would be present at Wrestlemania in New Orleans only as a fan, before personally attacking The Deadman and challenging him to a match at Wrestlemania. It remains to be seen on how The Undertaker responds to the challenge.